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  • Requirements Gathering, Prototyping, and Project Management
  • Develop Web and Mobile applications
  • Maintain and Manage post development activies

Development focus of Crypth is CRM, Finance, and other Enterprise applications for Web, and Mobile. The technologies preferred, generally, are Javascript (NodeJS), PHP. Crypth also has associated developers with other technologies, if needed based on your requirements. Focus is always on secure and quality applications. There is a lot we can do together. Do leave a contact email.

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Mapping of processes, requirements gathering, documentation, and managing projects can be taken forth for your development teams or outsourced vendors.

With associated vendors, Consulting for end to end product and process solution management can also be taken forth. Contact us if you are keen on knowing more.


Products are in development. Please do visit again in sometime. You wont be disappointed. Contact us if you are keen on knowing more.